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Reasons to apply your own online ordering system:
  • Instead of paying Uber, Amazon, GrubHub, etc., 15 to 30% commission, sell online yourself and profit!
  • Online customers generally BUY 25% more!
  • You retain your customer information so you can send them emails or text messages.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Software written, hosted and supported in USA.
  • Can be translated to other languages. Contact us. We have English and Chinese so far.
  • Can support multiple stores or restaurants using same prices but different pickup locations.
  • Not limited to food. You can sell tickets, services, products.
  • If you are logged into Admin mode you can edit the menu/product list right on the shopping cart view!
  • Can accept cash, purchase orders, credit cards and PayPal payments immediately!
  • No credit check for most businesses.
  • Customer order converted to QRCode so they can't make fake receipts.
  • Customer gets text message and email receipt and sees your confirmation of order.
  • Driver app available to track deliveries in real time on a map.
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